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KHiMii flow reactors deliver 5 key benefits


  • Shorter time-to-market enabled by a seamless process scale-up
  • Ability to generate small samples that are fully representative of the full-scale production


  • Precise control of the temperature even for extreme exothermic or endothermic reactions
  • Ability to handle safely liquids or gas even at very high pressure or temperature
  • Much smaller reaction volume than in batch process


  • Opportunity to reduce dramatically the use of solvents


  • Precise control of pressure and temperature even in extreme conditions allows to deliver high yield and selectivity
  • Option to use fixed bed catalysts

Cost effective

  • Lower CAPEX than in batch process due to smaller reactors, utilities and safety systems
  • Cost advantage even higher when high corrosion resistant metals are required
  • OPEX reduction with a faster reaction by working safely at high pressure or temperature
  • Ability to adjust the production CAPEX gradually, in line with the demand
  • Our proprietary reactor design makes us much more cost effective than any other flow reactors for large production scale


Why KHiMii instead of other flow reactors?

  • The design or our reactor is identical from the lab to the full industrial scale enabling a seamless scale-up
  • KHiMii reactors are monobloc and can be made from any metals
  • No leakage even at extreme pressure (up to 200 Bar) or temperature (up to 400°C)
  • Easy cleaning  making it suitable for a multi-purpose workshop
  • Opportunity to use heterogeneous catalysts
  • Our technology is much more cost effective than other flow reactors, even at large production scale


Advantage of KHiMii flow reactors

High Pressure
High Temperature
Low Temperature
Heterogeneous catalyst YES
Chemical neutrality
Design flexibility
Easy cleaning
Ability to handle solids
Cost at high scale