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KHiMii develops flow reactors by combining the complementary know-how of Khimod in metallurgy of the future and of M2i in industrial and chemical process engineering to develop innovative solutions for Flow Chemistry in the field of specialty and fine chemical.


  • Innovative technology provider in France & abroad.  Subsidiary of  ALCEN group (Aeronautics, Medical Devices, Energy, Instruments & Defense) 
  • Design & manufacturing of systems based on innovative Heat Exchangers Reactors (H.E.R.) 
  • H.E.R. allow various flow chemistry synthesis of complex molecules including oxydation or hydrogenation


  • Innovative industrial company, expert in chemistry, in the fields of Biocontrol (N° 1 in pheromones in the EU) and Human Health
  • Production of proprietary molecules (APIs, synthesis of intermediates & building blocks, pheromones)
  • CRO / CDMO services from laboratory research to industrial production