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KHiMii  échangeur


KHiMii has developed a specific set-up to use fixed bed catalysts

  • Catalyst particle size to be selected according to the medium viscosity  : typically in the 200 – 600 µm range
  • Fixed bed catalyst maintained by a screen & frames
  • Various sieve meshes available according to the catalyst size
  • Set-up tested and available for parallel and serial set-up
  • Sealing guaranteed at extreme temperature and pressure

KHiMii has a collaboration with the CSIRO & Precision Catalysts on catalytic static mixers

Catalytic static mixers fitting with the KHiMii reactors

Key benefits

  • Outstanding catalytic activity
  • Very low metal release
  • Improve the mixing and heat exchange
  • Low residence time dispersion
  • Use only 20 % space in the reactor, instead of 40 % for catalyst beads

Various catalytic systems are available

  • Ni, Pd, Pt
  • Ru, Pd, Pt on alumina
  • Carbon, bi-metallics

KHiMii technology is well suited for hydrogenation

  • Hydrogenation is one of the most used reaction in fine and speciality chemical industry
  • Flow chemistry offers the opportunity to conduct safe and cost effective hydrogenation under trickle bed catalysts
  • Hydrogenation is generally a very exothermic reaction and KHiMii reactor outstanding heat exchange capacity allows a safe control of the process
  • Catalysts powders are used in batch hydrogenation and can induce issues related to the catalysts toxicity and filtration during the work-up
  • The use of catalyst beads or catalytic static mixer with KHiMii reactors make the catalyst handling safer and avoid the filtration step
  • Intensification of the hydrogenation reaction is possible by working at high hydrogen pressure, high temperature and high Catalyst to reagents ratio